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Hair Extensions in Penticton – Because You Shouldn’t Have to Wait!

We’ve all been there, that split moment decision to chop, color, or chemically alter your hair. Usually this comes with the ramifications of waiting, and the instant sense of regret and loss for the luscious long locks you once had. Or maybe you’ve always had shorter hair, and the curiosity to possess lady God-giving locks has suddenly struck. Good news! With recent advancements in hair science, Best Little Hair House in Penticton can now give you the long hair you have always wanted – instantly.

No Commitment Hair Extensions

For those who want a low-maintenance trial type of deal, we have clip extensions and Halo extensions. They’re a great way to get the look of long locks without the long-term commitment.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extension

For those who aren’t afraid of a little commitment, we have tape-ins, trackless weaves, and track weaves. These extensions stay in your head for 1-2 months. They’re great for women with thinner hair, looking to add volume without the weight.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent extensions, including fusions, micro rings, and Nano rings are long lasting individual extensions that grow out with your hair over the course of 3-4 months. Fusions use a keratin based glue and a heat iron, which will fuse tiny shoe lace type bonds of hair into your head. They can be removed after they have grown out around 2-3 inches from the scalp.

Thinking about Trying a Spicy or Bold Hair Color?

Scared or not sure if you can pull it off? Not certain you want to keep it up or if you will like it? Just want to make a statement for an event? Now there's an easy solution!

We color Hair Extensions!

Install a tail, a few chunks or all pieces all through your hair. We can also add into an updo. If you grow tired of them, simply remove them. You can save your colored extensions, alter the color and install them another time.

Accentuate your look with extensions. Call today!

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Want a change but don't want to color your hair or need to spice up your look just for an event? We can color extension hair and install a bob tail or a few chunks or all through your hair. If you get tired of them, you can remove them and install them another time.

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