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The Color Bar

Hair Artists with Passion

Master color technicians armed with color techniques continuously evolving our craft through world-class education, advanced classes, and workshops.

We deliver quality results in color techniques, color correction, color formulating and color placement, with foiling, ombre, balayage & Blondes.

Whether you want to erase a few years of unwelcome grey, subtle highlights, or rock a rainbow color. Conservative to unconventional color services, you will be hard pressed to find anything our stylist are not capable of.


Foils - Highlights - Lowlights – Varied Tone

Foils (or hi-lites/highlights) are an essential and artistic tool for the highly skilled hair color technician in Penticton. Each individual foil is placed, with varying degree of width and volume, and in a wide range of tones and shades. The result is as unique as you.


Partial foils refer to anything less than a full head of foils. It’s a very open-ended term that generally means the crown area, part-line and front hairline. They are very versatile, and the foils can be woven or sliced, or sections of hair colored randomly—whatever you desire!


Full foils create an all-over effect of highlighted hair that can be woven or sliced, depending on the effect you require. It can be as natural or as bold as you would like it. You can add in as many hair colors as you would like to create a feeling of naturalness or it can be as big as your imagination.


Ombre/Balayage Balayage is a free-form highlighting technique. Usually a powder lightener is used to paint individual strands of hair. This technique can offer a more natural look to highlighting hair by doing away with the more uniform foiling process. Balayage is the technique that is used to achieve ombre hair color.


Framing is the placement of foils around the face to add brightness or for dramatic effects to emphasis a haircut.


Lowlights are like highlights with a major exception: instead of removing color, hair color is used to add tone or depth to washed-out ends or simply to add darker strands. These lowlights add depth and variation.


Full Color Change & Regrowth/Roots

A complete change of color can produce dramatic and stunning results, or it may be used just to cover grey hair, or to enliven you own natural shade with better hair color depth and shine.


Hair color changeis a permanent hair color that is applied by our technician on small sections of hair. Starting at the root they will ensure even and extensive coverage to achieve a perfect result. Our extensive hair color chart offers a massive choice of shades (depth of color) and tones (balance of tint colors).


Regrowth (or roots) top up your full-head color previously applied. Not only does it cover natural color new growth, but it also adds renewed color depth and shine, so that your hair looks in great condition.


Goldwell ELUMEN

Get high performance ammonia-free hair color without oxidation. ELUMEN is a hair color that illuminates the hair intensively from inside out to achieve intense, peerless results for color professionals. ELUMEN has bold and wild colors and is permanent.


Benefits Include:

  • Intense and brilliant color results
  • Exceptional shine
  • Remarkable and incredible durability
  • Amazing, healthy looking hair up to 76% more color intensity compared to conventional oxidative permanent hair colors

Color Techniques

Hair coloring has been revolutionized over the past decade by new techniques and technology. These are just some of the many methods we use to create beautiful hair color transformations.


Glossing is a superb way to give your hair masses of shine, and add intensity and depth to your color. This semi-permanent hair color contains beeswax and conditioners that are gentle on your hair and can be used to camouflage grey hair or add depth, sheen and vibrancy to your hair color, whether natural or already colored. Glossing will not lighten hair – it adds tone.


Paintbox is for the funky guy or girl that wants to be a little more daring. Paintbox comes in all the colors of the rainbow, and when different shades are fused together the result can be striking.


Paintbox is not a color for the faint-hearted. Pravana is our semi-permanent hair color line with a variety of wild colors.


Color Correction & Hair Color Problems

This is where the highly skilled master color technician is worth his/her weight in gold. Hair House colorists fix imbalance and shade problems. Dealing with hair color problems is our specialty. The Hair House experts will analyze your hair to calculate the accurate mix of tones and shades to restore an overall color. We are also trained in color placement and grey coverage.


Changing your hair color is seldom as simple as applying a new shade over the top. If your hair has been colored before you could have different shades at the ends because of sunlight or frequent washing; there is likely to be root regrowth in your natural shade; and there could be a build-up of color on the mid-lengths that is too dark. A change of color under these circumstances means dealing with every part of the hair individually, using different shades and tones on each section.


Fixing imbalance and shade problems can be as simple as dealing with hi-lites that are too yellow or removing dark bands where color has been over-applied many times. This kind of problem is dealt with every day in our salon.


Dealing with hair color problems is our specialty at Hair House—we are color experts. Often these complex problems will require removing color from some sections while adding to others. The technician will analyze every part of your hair to calculate the accurate mix of tones and shades to restore an overall color.

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